National Pastry Day

Blueberry and Lime torte by Elisenda (at Esselunga)

These don’t quite fall under the category of pastries but they’ll have to do since everybody in this house is currently on a cake addiction. Vi likes to make apple cake, while I head to the dessert section or get pour-and-bake premixed batters. We all know that it would be better to have one every few days but no! The old goat man needs his sugar fix after his nap. “Voglio una merendina! Dammi una merendina!!!!” (I want/give me a snack). One time he was offered a yogurt and his response was to go to hell with yogurt.

Montebianco by Elisenda (at Esselunga)

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect xmas present for Pops and knew at once that this t-shirt was it. The problem is they don’t have it in his size. He used to wear a large but now it’s XL. That’s what happens when you eat too much cake.

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