I think we’ve found our Mary Poppins

Photo by Victoria Borodinova on Pexels.com

Maybe I shouldn’t be speaking so soon, but after nearly a month full of challenges and frustrations with the departure of my father-in-law’s caregivers, we’re both looking to start afresh with the new hire.

This new caregiver (I’ll call her ‘Vi’ for short) has ticked all the right boxes for the kind of person we need. She’s calm, speaks Italian in a soothing voice, and seems to have loads of patience with my often aggravated FIL. And she’s incredibly neat and clean, unlike the previous two. Last week was her trial test and she did so well that I’m tempted to suggest a raise in her behalf. If all goes well and she can manage by herself, we could possibly get out for a change of scenery. I just hope she decides to stick around because she hasn’t yet seen how impossible Pops can get.

Le Clos Les Eydins in Bonnieux

With some extra free time to myself I can perhaps catch up on the blogosphere and details of the Provence trip during the early part of last month. It was probably the most appreciated visit to the area, knowing full well what we would face upon returning home. Time to get back to ‘work’ so I’ll end with a photo of a gorgeous day in Provence. À bientôt!

5 thoughts on “I think we’ve found our Mary Poppins

    1. Rowena Post author

      It’s been 3 weeks since she was hired and so far, so good. Takes the initiative to learn how we do things (others had their own ideas) and respects our wishes. The big plus is that she has family in the region so it’s possible for her to leave on days off instead of hanging around the house doing nothing.

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