Head for high ground

European Wall Lizard on elevated prime real estate

And on the 7th day, out came the sun. Okay well perhaps not the 7th day exactly, but that’s what it felt like after day upon day of constant and often heavy rainfall. Since, in the past, we’ve experienced water seeping into the lower level of our split level home, I wasn’t sleeping well at night. Little did I know that the region of Lombardy would experience its own catastrophy when nearby Como suffered serious damage from landslides and flooding due to the foul weather.

In other news, or should I say on the Covid-19 front, we are back to numbers going up again. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but being the deadly pandemic that it proved to be, the government is taking steps to avoid hospitals filling up with infected people again. One of these measures is the EU Green Pass. This digital certificate acts as a sort of vaccine passport to, and I quote, “facilitate travel, help to exempt holders from restrictions such as quarantine” and is available for those who have had at least one shot.

It all sounds good as it buys you a bit of freedom but of course there are the anti-Green Passers who feel it’s a violation of privacy. They’re out there waving silly signs and whatnot. What is wrong with these people? Oddly enough though, it was reported that in Sicily (where a lot of folks were unwilling to be vaccinated) there was a big surge in vax appointments when it was announced that from August 6th, persons with the Green Pass would be able to dine indoors at restaurants. That’s great news for those who have had to put off intimate celebrations since all this crap began, but it kinda lets you know where their priorities lie.

The Green Pass, if I understood correctly, will also allow people into food festivals and the like. #1 on my mind is the Slow Food Cheese Festival in September. Cannot wait to go!

6 thoughts on “Head for high ground

  1. Nonna T

    Ha! Sicily! It gets hella hot outside in the summnertime, no wonder why they are motivated :). Yes, the anti-vaxxers are alive and well i(for the moment, but that can instantly change). There are reports of break through covid positive cases among the vaccinated. We are back to getting our groceries delivered.


    1. Rowena Post author

      I just can’t imagine anything above 40°C, so I’m glad we’re not joining the exodus heading south into that inferno.

      I’ve seen the news about the rise in covid cases among the ignorant and uninitiated living stateside. Our numbers have gone up slightly as well but I don’t think it’ll be a repeat of 2020. I love online grocery shopping; you have 24 hours before the deliver date to add/subtract anything on the list (which is a bad thing for someone like myself who tend to shop on impulse!).


  2. kat

    This variant is kicking everyone yeah? hope you guys will be able to enjoy the cheese festival and that everyone’s numbers will be lower by then.


    1. Rowena Post author

      At this point Kat I am just looking out for myself. I don’t think it (Covid-19) is going to just go away, so the best and only thing to do is be careful and attentive, always. Unlike the States where you might get called a sheep for wearing a mask in some places, here it’s not like that at all.

      That said, I don’t believe there’ll be as much Slow Food cheese vendors this year so it might not be so crowded. Plus, if you need to have a Green Pass to get in, that should keep the anti-dingalings from gaining entrance. I hope so; more cheese for me.



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