Happy 15th Birthday Maddie!

Looking at her now, you wouldn’t know that just a couple of days ago, we thought we would be losing our sweet Westie girl. She’s gone through a bunch of health issues lately: skin rashes, eye infections, and the tumor (benign) in her bladder that has been gradually growing within the last year. The rash and eye problems have been solved, but the tumor gives her the sensation that she always has to pee at all hours of the day (and night). The straining and heightened discomfort is what prompted a visit to the vet as she was vocally expressing her pain (whimpering) especially after mealtimes.

The vet told us the same thing as before: that we shouldn’t expect her to stay with us much longer and the only thing for us to do is to make her as comfortable as possible at home. This includes pain medication and giving her smaller meals throughout the day to avoid creating pressure on her bladder from a full tummy. Her appetite has gone down but I manage to feed her the minimum requirement for senior dogs with low activity. So far, this combination of tactics has made a noticeable difference in her well-being. Or maybe she just isn’t ready to go yet!

We’re now on day 2 of a full lockdown for Italy. I like to think naysayers have finally caught on with the rest of the sensible ones and are doing their part to stay home like everyone else. The situation has moved so quickly for the country, and for us too, since the MotH will be ‘smart working’ soon enough. This arrangement is going to be interesting for me and the dogs because when he’s at home, the dachshund thinks it’s vacation time. Or a verrrrry long weekend. Stay safe everyone!

6 thoughts on “Happy 15th Birthday Maddie!

  1. Sandy

    Awww, what a sweet lovely pup, I am sure you are doing everything to make her comfortable. Big virtual hugs to you all! We (like just about everyone, no?) are in lockdown and both working from home. It’s so hard because Spring has sprung and the outside looks so inviting.


    1. Rowena Post author

      Spring has sprung here too but old man winter decided to have one last jab and is sending down a little bit of snow and 30°-ish temps. My husband is working from home as well…I always have to be aware of when he does a video-conference as I sometimes walk around in my bathrobe.


  2. Julia

    Stay safe! I know it is hard when a beloved dog has problems. I am glad there is something that is helping and hopefully she’ll be with you a longer.



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