One step forward, two steps back

Two evenings ago we had the worst hailstorm that I’ve ever experienced in all my time here. Golfball sized orbs of ice pummeled the ground for a good 15 minutes, creating a roar that sounded as if a thousand hammers were going off all at once. I was in the shower at the time and remember thinking that it was extraordinarily loud for the usual teeny pellets from other storms, so you can imagine my shock when I stepped out to find the pergola in tatters.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the reality of what happened didn’t really sink in until I looked at the ground – the lawn was glistening white with hailstones! Broken leaves, branches, and pieces of plastic vases everywhere. When I moved several of them away in the flower bed to check for damage, deep pock marks were left behind.

When the storm hit, Man of the House was enroute to Como and missed the storm completely. Only once in my life have I been in a car while it hailed, but it was tiny pellets and nothing like what I gathered from the yard. I think the plum and persimmon harvest won’t amount to much this year, but that’s the extent of any serious damage. The hail netting in the garden helped tremendously to keep the vegetables safe, but suffered some tearing in the weave and needs to be replaced. And here I thought the brunt of the garden work was all done. Thank goodness for those bottles of white and rosé that I ordered last month. One step forward, two steps back, and a chilled glass for all the trouble!

The plastic tunnels that I use for protecting young transplants were especially hit hard.

2 thoughts on “One step forward, two steps back

  1. kat

    That is scary & a bummer, all your flowers & plants! glad MotH wasn’t injured in the storm, if this isn’t due to global warming, I wanna know why these krazy things keep happening….take care! okole maluna


    1. Rowena Post author

      A couple of weeks ago or so, I got an update from a pick-your-own fruit farm, telling us that there WON’T be any cherries this year due to the WHOLE ORCHARD suffering huge damage. I mean, I feel sick when I lose one single plant — those guys, they lose acres! GRRRRRR



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