Mokarosa: just in time for Mother’s Day

Rosier Mokarosa®

Two days ago – looking a little worse for wear after being rescued from a sudden hailstorm, the new addition to MotH’s rose collection is doing quite well even after all the abuse it received just to get it back home. At a garden fair last weekend in Piemonte, this unique variety named Mokarosa immediately caught our eye and stood out from the rest. The buds start off in a flesh-pink color and when fully opened, into a coffee cream hue. In the pic below, I took a photo at 11am and then 6 hours later, and was surprised to note the subtle change in color.

It doesn’t have a strong perfume, but is said to be highly disease resistant, and flowers from May to October. We are definitely not color-coordinated when picking roses so this one should fit it in perfectly with the blush pink, red, yellow, and light purple one, no problem!

Sacra di San Michele near Torino

Incredible to think that just a week ago, we were admiring this view of the Sacra di San Michele in Piemonte and wishing that we didn’t have to go home. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms!

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