Bitten by the springtime bug

Yes it’s technically still winter, and normally I believe ‘bitten’ is that seasonal urge to roll up the sleeves for a day of cleaning out winter’s cobwebs. Hello primavera! In this case, we just wanted a change of place with a view to go with it. Somewhere other than our usual #1 choice of Piemonte. Someplace that offered a vista like this…

Castello Rocchetta Mattei (Savignano, Emilia-Romagna)

Ca’ dla Gina – Situated at the edge of a forest with a terrace facing the castle, our small, fully equipped house rental, (that means tv and internet y’all) was too good of a deal to pass up. Plenty of space for the furkids to run around, absolute peace, and in the evenings, visits from forest friends! They came around 5-6pm on each day, but were too shy (or too wary of the dogs) to stay put as soon as we opened the door.

Taken from the kitchen window

Although much of the landscape was still winter barren, early-blooming trees were already at their showy best. I’m not familiar with this area of Emilia-Romagna (about an hour south of Bologna) but if WWII history interests you, the Regional Park of Monte Sole keeps witness to tragic events. From the parking at Casaglia cemetery, a 1/2-mile walking path leads downward to Cerpiano (difference in level is 180 feet).

Spending a few moments of quiet reflection at Cerpiano, Parco Storico di Monte Sole

4 thoughts on “Bitten by the springtime bug

  1. Nonna T

    It looks so peaceful. A good time to pause and reflect. I hope that it does not stay too dry this Spring for you. Droughts can be ugly if you have too many of them in succession…



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