Onward March…

And what better way to begin a new month: new herbs for the garden, seeds to pot up, bulbs to plant. The current spell of warm weather has given the upcoming season a headstart. Mornings have been so full of life: increased birdsong, lots of bees, woodpeckers (pecking of course!), and squirrels scamper among the trees. On a drive into town just the other day, a fox snuck out from someone’s yard and crossed our path. As I see it, a fox is better than a black cat, yes?

Even the first few days got off on the right foot with M’illumino di Meno (turning off unnecessary lights) on Friday, and National Unplugging Day or #NoPhoneDay on Saturday. But the best part of the weekend was the Mercatino Francese, a seasonal French market held during fall and spring in various towns around Italy. It has been years since we’ve been to one, but I can always count on a food stall with a fine selection of french cheese, pate, saucisson, pastries, and baguettes straight out of the oven and into our hands.

A vegetable ash-covered creamy goat cheese and a variety of pate and cheese.

With Carnevale on Sunday, it was great timing for a simple lunch with our indulgent stash. I’ll be wanting to “march” along every day if I expect to fit into my pants.

2 thoughts on “Onward March…

    1. Rowena Post author

      It sure is nice to be outside but I often find myself ‘hypnotized’ listening to all the natural activity, and then I forget what I’m supposed to be doing! Just a month ago it was dead quiet.



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