Culture shock: medication for free

Buy 2, get 2 free. The other day MotH came home with my Lisinopril prescription (in case you wonder, it’s for high BP), but instead of the usual 2 boxes that my doctor will only ever prescribe at a time, the hubs handed me 4. Apparently someone had returned the 2 Lisinopril to our neighborhood pharmacy (you can see the tampered flaps on the boxes to the right), but as they had been opened, the pharmacy could not legally sell them. They could, however, give them to someone who regularly uses it so I guess it was my lucky day. BTW, my meds are generic cheap: 2€ per box.

Now I had never heard of such a thing so my paranoid self immediately opened the freebies and compared the inside packaging to the others: nothing out of place, nothing suspect, seals intact and no need to worry as they were all identical. In this day and age where hardly anything is free and crazies run rampant, it just comes as a shock that something like this even happens.

4 thoughts on “Culture shock: medication for free

    1. Rowena Post author

      Isn’t it?! I mean, you’re always told to return stuff like this if you see that it has been tampered with, but in my case…waste not, want not!

      I should add that this pharmacy is so familiar with our medicine stuff that one time they advised against a particular cough syrup because of my bp.

      And to top it off, one of the pharmacists was part of the kitchen crew at a local sagra where we bought food to take home….in a tupperware-style container. She said, oh no worries about the container, just return it at the pharmacy and I’ll get it back to the right people. 😲😲😲


      1. Nonna T

        What a lovely town you must live in. It sounds like it is an everybody knows everybody kind of a place.
        Congratulations on your drug score! Medicine is not always cheap in Italy. Ibuprofen is expensive in Italy, so expensive that friends visiting from Italy often go to Costco and ‘stock up’.

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      2. Rowena Post author

        Oh Nonna T, everybody except us knows what’s going on around here! We are always the last to “be informed” but we don’t mind. There is a nonna (yes!) in the village that occasionally hails my husband for a ride on his way to work, and she is not shy at spilling ALL about the neighborhood. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we are happier with small town feel compared to big city attitude.👍


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