Summer ain’t over yet

As it’s National Peanut Day (Sept. 13th) and fortunately we don’t have an allergy to stop us, I made peanut butter and grape jelly gelato because man, it is still warm around here. I know it’s been quiet on the blog but there has been little things adding up to a pile of things and we all know how that goes. It’s those days that I feel like eating gelato – screw the cone, just give me the whole container and a spoon.

11 thoughts on “Summer ain’t over yet

  1. Nonna T

    We really haven’t had a summer in the fog belt. The tomatoes are taking a looong time to ripen. I like your blog photo! It reminds me of Fall.


    1. Rowena Post author

      I’m playing around with the header photo so that I can get this blog back into my headspace! Too many other things to do, an old, sick Westie to care for, and not enough free time for hunting down sagre and the like. I am sorry to hear about your tomatoes…they are the #1 treasures in the summer garden.


  2. chef mimi

    It is still summer! And it’s still hot and humid where I live. September is so tough for me mentally because I’m so ready for fall weather every year. But even on September 22nd – it won’t be cool!!


    1. Rowena Post author

      My thoughts exactly! It started to cool down the last week of August and I was all ready to remove the mosquito screen doors and pull out the heavy blankets and wham…up goes the daily digits. You have a great weekend all the same!

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