I guess I’m on a ricotta roll…

Crostata with ricotta, coffee, and Sambuca

A couple of days after I vowed to brave the heat of the kitchen and bake like nobody’s business, the day temps dropped just enough to make life bearable and rainclouds arrived to drench our sun-parched surroundings. I used the broiler element, made pizza, bread, baked a mussel and rice casserole, and lastly, Casatella Terracinese, another crostata from one of my favorite blogs on Italian cuisine – Polenta e Baccala. This one mentions the use of sheep’s milk ricotta but I used the regular type, undrained, and flavored it with the coffee, cocoa powder, cinnamon and Sambuca called for in the recipe. I used my own sweet pie dough pastry as I prefer less sugar.

If you have time, do take a look and read more about this dessert from southern Italy. It is so good that it does not last long in our house.

10 thoughts on “I guess I’m on a ricotta roll…

  1. Teresa Price

    Again, beautiful.. The only one in our family that has managed to master a decent pastry recipe for pies is our daughter..What is your secret to a good pastry crust? You are probably probably watching the news about the hurricane in Hawaii like I am. I hope that your ohana is safe and sound and on high ground.


    1. Rowena Post author

      The crust for this is a pate sucree…less finicky to make than regular pie dough (none of that “marbling”), but more finicky to handle in hot weather!

      When I do make pie dough however, I just make sure that all of my ingredients are cold and to work the dough as minimally as possible! Family all safe on Kauai’s westside. That area always gets less than half of what everyone else does!



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