It’s a bread, it’s a bag, it’s kaak!

I know the title sounds cheeky but it’s better than WTH that crossed my mind when I learned about this purse-shaped loaf studded with sesame seeds. A bread that you can tote around and eat it too? How cool is that! It all started when I was looking into the round-shaped kaak (middle eastern version of Greek pita), and from there I discovered that kaak/ka’ak is Arabic for cake and comes in both sweet and savory variations. Apparently the bread bag version is a common sight around the streets of Beirut as vendors suspend them from food stalls or trucks.

The best thing to come out of this is that I am now hooked on getting the hang of baking in a Weber. It’s a steep learning curve, but bread done in a kettle grill has its own particular flavor and gets me spending more fun time outdoors before summer comes to an end.

Round ka’ak pocket breads baked in the kettle

6 thoughts on “It’s a bread, it’s a bag, it’s kaak!

  1. boonpnutsmom

    Kettle grill, as in BBQ? When you say Weber , I understand…but then you say KETTLE GRILL…is this a different device? Do you bake on the grill? My daughter likes flat breads. Do you have a simple recipe for a kinda beginner cooker? She won’t let me teach her anything but if I slip a recipe into her stuff….she might be more willing to try it. Suggestions?

    Thank you,

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    1. Rowena Post author

      Yes as in bbq! You know how we love our Hibachi in the islands, so I never even knew Weber kettle grills existed until moving here. They’re really popular and come in all sorts of colors. We have this one.
      Weber kettle grill

      I’ll put up 2 different recipes in a following post after I convert it to american measurements. It’s easy.

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