Mother’s Day all over the world 💐

Because the way I see it, why stop at one (yours) when you can have a few more? As a mother of a young man with a family of his own, I’m happy to receive a simple phone call. But if you think of the holiday on a worldwide scale, mothers are getting special treatment throughout the whole month of May. I thought it would be fun to observe Mother’s Day on different dates by cooking a dish from a country that is not with the majority who will be celebrating this coming Sunday. For Spain and Lithuania it was this past Sunday, May 6th, so in honor of those mamas, I made Spanish fish stew marmitako and Lithuanian honey cake medaus tortas to serve al fresco.

Rosé season is already upon us so that meant opening a bottle of pink. This Aka (named after a rare Japanese coral) was lovely and delicious – dry, fresh, berry flavors – and a perfect match with the tuna stew and honey cake. Yesterday, May 8th, it was Mother’s Day (Parents Day to be more precise) in Korea and I cooked our all-time favorite – bibimbap. This Sunday is going to be even better because I am not cooking and a 20% off coupon from KFC is sitting in my bag…

Aka rosato from Puglia:

12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day all over the world 💐

    1. Rowena Post author

      Oh, but there still are several more to acknowledge! Kyrgyzstan on the 19th, Poland on the 26th, and France, Sweden and Tunisia on the 27th, among others. Wikipedia mother’s day lists a whole lot.


    1. Rowena Post author

      It’s an idea that I’d like to repeat each year, maybe even start a challenge of sorts with anyone willing to participate. Today (May 10th) it’s Mother’s Day in El Salvador, Guatamela and Mexico but unfortunately I’m not prepared!

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