Daily Archives: August 5, 2017

Italians on holiday up by 3.2%

Melon vendor near Reillanne
Melon vendor in Reillanne ©Rubber Slippers In Italy

Just heard this on the news. I guess it’s a good thing, seeing that we’ve been taking little trips here and there whenever the opportunity arises. The big question is where do all of these italians go when it’s time for the summer holidays, apart from visiting relatives way on the other side of the peninsula? My brother-in-law took his family to visit Monument Valley, our neighbors went to the Bahamas, and some of MotH’s colleagues have flown across the pond to somewhere in the states.

Unless it’s to Hawaii, we pretty much stay within 1 or 2 day’s drive from home. Last month in Provence, the woman in the room next to ours stopped us while we were on our way out and abruptly rattled off in italian, telling MotH that she knew there was another Italian around when she heard him talking. Without losing a beat he replied “sì, siamo dovunque!” Yes, we are everywhere!