Miraval: I’m glad we got our hands on this pink

Beer has always been our drink of choice during the summer months but from here on out, rosé wine, and I mean the worthy ones (not cheap pink stuff in a can or from the grocer’s) is owning a spot in the fridge. I had only heard of Jolie-Pitt’s Miraval, like, a few months ago, and 17€ price tag notwithstanding, my concern was that it wouldn’t do justice to the fish.

Sea bream en papillote with bell peppers, onions, potatoes; perfumed with kaffir lime leaves

Well, justice it did. It paired well with the asian notes from the kaffir lime leaves. Miraval is light, refreshing, crisp, and so not like the sweet and cloying pinks I’ve had in the past. Easy to drink without being written off as simply a fine rosé, I had to ask MotH to stop because I wanted to have some with leftovers on Monday. Btw, he scoffed and poured himself another.

It was funny when the sales clerk made sure to point out the Jolie-Pitt name on the label – like I already didn’t know! What I didn’t expect was how well it would go with the herbal, salty flavors of goat’s milk cheeses. Miraval is made with grenache, cinsault, syrah and rolle grapes. As a higher-priced rosé it won’t be something I’d buy often, but with Hollywood’s elite on the bottle, I concede that it deserves all the fanfare.

We are out of french cheese and need to go back for more

8 thoughts on “Miraval: I’m glad we got our hands on this pink

    1. Rowena Post author

      With the way you’re able to find foreign imports there, I bet some wine shop must have it. Just make sure you see Miraval etched on the bottom (not that the chinese can’t copy that either.) 😦


  1. blondie63

    My friends daughter works for a winery and she is learning so much about the business. After tasting wines she knows about, no more store bought stuff for me either! Wow the difference is amazing!

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    1. Rowena Post author

      Isn’t the difference just amazing? I used to go into supermarkets and ‘buy blind’, being attracted to the labels and not paying much attention to what grapes that the wine was made from.

      No more supermarket stuff unless I know what I’m buying. Good to hear that you have someone knowledgeable in your pocket!

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  2. polentaebaccala

    Rosè was never my favorite choice, but here in Hungary they have quite a lot and lately I use to drink it sometimes, there are some which are good and refreshing.
    Between the Italians I recently had the Helios Negroamaro from Masseria Surani, Puglia region, and it’s also very good and at a fair price (the owners are Tommasi family, the same who make a great Amarone in Valpolicella).

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    1. Rowena Post author

      Thank you for sharing that bit of info on the Helios Negromaro. We love reds, so rosé and rosato have always been ‘that silly stuff’ to drink when the mood hits. The latest rosato we drank was one from Liguria. Despite the dark pink color, it was surprisingly good.

      Tenuta Maffone

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