The Hawaii State flag will have to do…

Hawaii will have to do

I’ve got a couple bottles of Pabst in the fridge and a luscious-looking berry tiramisu, but what I really hope for is that this 3-minute pulled pork will be as tasty as it looks. We’re lucky to have perfect weather this evening – not too hot – so dinner al fresco is as close as it gets to a classic outdoor barbecue. Happy 4th!

Pulled pork 3 minutes

Tri-berry tiramisu


12 thoughts on “The Hawaii State flag will have to do…

  1. Cyranny

    Happy 4th of July + 3, Rowena!! On the 4th, I was actually walking around, downtown, and I thought about you, because we saw something like 12 foodtrucks 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      Sounds like a place for me. I tried to find one in particular while in Provence – Le Food Truck, a lavender-colored van – but it was not to be found. Maybe next time….that’ll be in less than a couple of weeks!

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      1. Cyranny

        I’ll keep an eye open…. LOL I doubt it’ll travel this far, but who knows?? 😉

        Btw, just wanted to mention… that is serious supervision, on the Tiramisu picture… So cute 🙂


  2. Brett

    If it’s any consolation to you, we can’t get 3-minute pulled pork on Kauai. So we’re having frozen pre-grilled burgers, heated over an outdoor gas flame, and watermelon–sans state flag. Aloha, and Happy 4th to you!


  3. kat

    Happy 4th! we celebrated on Sunday…good thing we did because we had a typhoon pass over on the 4th. Take care!



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