A very special 14th

Anniversary 2017

There are so many promising restaurants in Provence that you could go bonkers making a list of the best places to eat and drink. Factor in special occasions though, and that list grows smaller, with only places of extraordinary repute making the cut. If you had asked me a year ago where we’d end up celebrating our 14th, I never would have dreamt of a place backed by an association for autistic individuals. La Bourguette is an amazing project, and to that end, I invite you to watch the 10-minute video at the following link:

We lunched at Le Grand Réal, one of 2 dining locations connected with La Bourguette. The daily menu is on a blackboard ranging in formats from 13€-23€. Food, service, and overall ambience was top notch. The servers spoke only french and we took care to listen carefully and speak clearly, but there was one person in charge who worked with the waitstaff in case any problems with communication popped up.

Le Grand Réal in La Bastidonne
Served with an aperitif, it was some kind of basil mousse

Le Grand Réal in La Bastidonne
Entree of yellow/green zucchini flan and salad greens

Le Grand Réal in La Bastidonne
Stewed pork and vegetables

This was the 13€ menu (entree+plat), water, 1/2 liter wine and tax included. Coffee additional but the entire bill for 2 just 30€. During the warm season, seating is under a shaded terrace decorated with plants. The experience was such that we returned the following day – we were that impressed! Well-behaved dogs are also welcome.


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