Back from Provence – what a heatwave!

We returned home last Friday to discover that Italy was pretty much in the same situation that we experienced in Provence, but luckily for us, the oppressive heat hasn’t brought on a drought like it has in the lower Italian plains. The word on everyone’s lips these days is rain!

Despite the high temps, Provence was beautiful and lovely to visit. We brought back lots of cheese, bottles of rosé, and other delicious treats, but by far the best thing about the trip was seeing the lavender fields and making friends with a trio of wire-haired dachshunds – yes, 3 of them! – at our bed & breakfast. That’s Pollux with me on the day of our departure – a bittersweet farewell that I will forever look back on with fondness as this summer vacation marked some very special occasions for all of us.

I’ll end this post with a shot taken along a lavender trail that we ended up ‘driving’ instead of walking. All of the fields were coming into bloom but it was not yet time for the harvest.

Lavender trail in Sault


8 thoughts on “Back from Provence – what a heatwave!

    1. Rowena Post author

      This week is forecasted for storms at night, so for that we are very grateful. Provence really needs a good soaking – it was so incredibly dry!


  1. Cyranny

    Awww, I love lavender…. After lilac, most probably my favorite flowers 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you for sharing this Rowena!

    Cute Pollux and you really seem to connect on that picture 😉 I’m glad you had a nice time in Provence! *hugs*

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