STREEAT at Carroponte Milano

STREEAT at Carroponte Milano
During the last weekend of May – it was blistering hot!

It wasn’t too long ago that we were in this very same spot, sizing up the line of food trucks while mentally taking note of what we absolutely had to get to take home. This year’s late spring edition of STREEAT European food truck festival did not have all of our favorites, but at least we got the chance to sink our teeth into Phil’s awesome pulled pork sandwich once again. At 7 euros it always tops our ‘best list’ of pork sandwiches for value and flavor.

Phil's pulled pork sandwich

By comparison, our next sandwich, a lomito (Angus beef with lettuce, tomato and chimichurri sauce) didn’t quite measure up to my expectations. Now, either I’ve been bamboozled by all the lomito images on Google or Osteria Argentina’s simply doesn’t do fried egg on theirs.

Osteria Argentina lomito
For 8 euros, it didn’t win me over, but I’d give them another try with say…the Menu Asado.

Osteria Argentina food truck

Or something straight from their Argentinian-style grilling.
Osteria Argentina grilling meats

Another garlic-smacking pork sandwich is the all’Aglione from Porcobrado. While the pork was greasier than what I remember from a past event (a pool of fat at the bottom of the wrapper), the flavor was still good.

Porcobrado all'aglione

And dessert(s) for the road! Gourmet eclairs worth their uber high price tag. I had no idea that L’Eclair de Genie established shops in Milan (shame on me!), so now there’s no need to go to Paris to taste them.

L'Eclair de Génie piaggio

I chose yuzu lemon and blackberry chocolate. 4€ and 4.90€ respectively.

L'Eclair de Génie

Worth every heavenly bite! Yes they’re smaller than the cream-filled, chocolate-glazed eclairs found at regular bakeries/pastry shops, but look at how perfectly filled they are.

L'Eclairs de Génie

And last but not least, cannoli from il Cannolo Eccellenza Siciliana. Your choice of chocolate, candied orange, pistachio, or all of them together. Filled on the spot, these were EXCELLENT. And at 3.50€ each, won’t hurt your wallet either.

Cannoli Eccellenza Siciliana


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