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You know you’re a food truck foodie when…

…the truck owners themselves recognize your mug. Didn’t I see you before? [Insert dumb look on face while trying to remember where we might’ve been spotted.] In our defense, I should add that we didn’t recognize the chefs of Las Bravas because they were manning the station at one of our other favorites – Da Mama. As to why, I have no clue, but it is a delight to know that there be some good friendships amongst food truckers.

Polpo in a bun
Grilled octopus from Da Mama’s

Desio, March 31 to April 2 – The 3-day event was organized by Street FÜD Festival, and they’re quite good at putting together a nice variety of food and also entertainment for the kids. As always, we check out what’s new before seeking out our usual favorites, and the new discovery this time was La Roulottina, an adorably cute trailer selling galettes and crepes.

La Roulottina food truck

La Roulottina menuThe italian-french menu is reflected in items like Brigette Bardot (brie, walnuts, honey) and Bella Ciao (speck ham, brie, tomato) – both are savory galettes made with buckwheat flour. We ordered Brigitte Bardot – a little messy with the melted cheese and honey, but still very tasty. You can click on the menu at left to get a better view. French bordeaux and rosé were offered on the drink menu as well, so yes, a votre santé! Next time we’ll try the crepes!

La Roulottina
Brigitte Bardot galette, folded to eat as street food (so forget about a fork and knife)

Next, The Meatball Family for sweet potato fries (because I saw a little kid running around with some and he had a happy look on his face). He was like yeah!, and it’s all MINE!

The Meatball Family

There’s a seleciton of sauces to choose from.

The Meatball Family sauces

I want to try making this at home, but as oven-baked fries so there’s less guilt.

TMF sweet potato fries

And lastly, gnocco fritto and prosciutto. It’s among the Top 10 of any true italian food lover’s streetfood list, but it becomes simply tradition with a glass of Lambrusco wine.

Gnocco fritto and prosciutto