A glorious spring day for Street Food

We’ve waited long enough to satisfy our food truck ‘fix’, so here goes round no.1 for a new year and season. The food truck culture has grown to such epic proportions in this country that my sagra and festa Google alerts are being outnumbered by street food this and street food that. This past weekend at Albese con Cassano (Como), we revisited one of our favorite trucks and added some new ones to the roster.

Al Michettino

Of the newbies, there was Al Michettino. The scrumptious sandwiches use a type of white bread called michetta [wikipedia]. While its origins do trace back to Austria, michetta is found especially in Lombardy. There were 4 options for fillings – not a huge choice, but there’s no need when you’ve got quality ingredients. Simple and tasty is what we like.

Al Michettino 'Pulaster'
The Pulaster with chicken strips (marinated in beer and spices), provola and honey. YUM!

Another newbie to us – Pappa’s Cucina Itinerante. The menu was a bit more varied, with both panini and gnocchi to choose from. They also had arrosticini (lamb kebabs) but we couldn’t miss out on the gnocchi with alici, capers, tomatoes, and mint.

Pappa's Cucina Itinerante

Pappa's gnocchi with alici
Gnocchi with alici, capers, tomato and mint

And last but not least, an all-time favorite – Las Bravas. They had me with their patatas bravas that I tried last year, but when I learned that they were also serving padron peppers (when in season), I just had to try some. Wow! Fried and served with chopped serrano ham, they were an absolute treat. We’re both pepper addicts (piccante or not) but you can’t find padron peppers in local supermarkets. Gardeners rave about the flavor and I’ve always wanted to try to grow them but never found the seeds until this year.

Las Bravas muy bueno

Pimientos del Padron
I need more of this dish. Like a BIG BOWL with lots of beer to wash it down. Padron peppers are like crack.

8 thoughts on “A glorious spring day for Street Food

  1. Nonna T

    Really?! Padron peppers?! I have been wanting to plant this pepper!! I did not have space this year to plant these peppers due to a clever, next door neighbor child wanting me to plant another vegetable (pumpkins) for her but I am hoping to get some of these seeds in Spain this year and bring them back home with us, if the US customs officials will let me.


    1. Rowena Post author

      Oh you can get padron peppers stateside! I’ve seen them listed on rareseeds.com and johnnyseeds.com, so no need to wait til Spain (or fret customs). 6 out of the 12 seeds that I presoaked have sprouted so I’m potting them up today.



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