And the winner of the best cazoeùla in Cantù is…

Cazoeùla on the menu
Our favorite pick this year: cazoeùla at Le Querce.

…not who we were rooting for. Well, there’s always next year. La Cascina di Mattia took the trophy, bringing the 5th Festival della Cazoeùla to an end. Like last year, we had lunch at 3 (first time visits) of the 9 participating restaurants and our vote went to Le Querce. That’s a plate of their cazoeùla above. It was perfect: fork-tender pork rib, melt-in-your-mouth pork skin (cotenne), both green and white parts of the cabbage, excellent balance of flavors and not too salty. It was so good that it even warranted another photo after attacking the rib.

Cazoeùla-licking good
Rib-lickin’ good!

Coming in 2nd: Osteria del Km Zero. The odd thing about this place is that our plates came out less than 10 minutes after we ordered. Assembly line in the kitchen? The cazoeùla was good, but the experience was far from memorable.

Cazoeùla - 'tis the season!
Wiki wiki cazoeùla for quick eaters

And bringing up the rear: La Nuvoa Rustica. Pork rib so tough that I had to chew forever but it wasn’t enough, which made it impossible to get a balanced mouthful of cabbage and pork going down the hatch at the same time. I felt like one of those jaw-grinding dieters who chew in order to trick their minds (and stomachs) into thinking that it has had enough.

Cazoeùla at La Nuova Rustica
I am not full, I am not full, I have been tricked!


4 thoughts on “And the winner of the best cazoeùla in Cantù is…

    1. Rowena Post author

      What made it worse was having all that anticipation going in in my head for 2 weeks (since the last cazoeùla), only to be let down HARD (haha, I couldn’t resist that pun). 😆


    1. Rowena Post author

      I find it interesting (and sometimes funny!) to hear the various critique from nearby diners. Inevitably there’ll be one person who will claim that their cassoeula or their mother’s version is the best. I overhead an elderly woman remark on the absence of pork sausage, but she was told from the server that it isn’t included in the version from Cantù.

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