Here we go again, it’s cazoeùla season in Cantù

Cantu's 5th cazoeùla festival

More cold days on the horizon? Bring it on! The 5th Cazoeùla Festival in Cantù is back in a contest of the best cazoeùla in the city. For those who may have never heard of this northern italian dish, one way to describe it is basically this: a casserole of pork ribs and sausages, pork skin, cabbage and seasonings. Variations go according to the town or area, for instance, cazoeùla in Cantù does not include the verzini or pork sausages.

Cazoeùla - 'tis the season!
At Osteria del KM Zero – excellent flavor, texture (tender pork ribs, cabbage not overcooked), and quick service.

The price of the basic menu remains at 13€ per person and includes cazoeùla, polenta, and cover charge. Beverages not included.


6 thoughts on “Here we go again, it’s cazoeùla season in Cantù

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    1. Rowena Post author

      Nonna T, I love your question! My husband has stated many times that a really good cazoeùla/cassoeula/and all the other ways to spell it, is determined by these factors: fork-tender pork ribs, a perfect ratio of meat to cabbage (kinda like how islanders like lots of rice to go with their main protein!), and the cabbage (savoy) texture which shouldn’t be overcooked/mushy or undercooked/too crisp. There should also be pork skin.

      My only gripe about eating this dish at restaurants is that sometimes it’ll be a bit too salty, but that’s only my personal taste.



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