Clementine and cod curry (or salmon, or even shrimp)

Clementine and cod curry

Save those organic clementine peels! This is an excellent fish curry by Nadiya Hussain (from her tv show The Chronicles of Nadiya) that is quick and easy to do. I’ve made this twice within the last 2 weeks – first with cod, then again with salmon – and all I can say is that it’s a dish to perk up an otherwise monotonous winter day. The flavor from the clementine peel (you don’t need to scrape off the white pith) has no hint of bitterness and the spices she uses are easily found at the supermarket. The only change I made was to use one chile pepper instead of two. I’m looking forward to trying this with the biggest shrimp I can find. Nadiya’s recipe can be found here:…./clementine_and_cod_curry


4 thoughts on “Clementine and cod curry (or salmon, or even shrimp)

    1. Rowena Post author

      Lisa we are all fine. I know that I’ve been quiet around here but it’s because I’m trying to make good on my New Year’s goals and one of them is to read more books! Just finished the first one today and am quite proud of myself 🙂



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