Kauai skies, nene, and a neon green gecko

Sunset in Kekaha
Kekaha shoreline in November

Currently in the chestnut forest. The 35°F cold is absolutely nothing compared to what some U.S. states, no, make that regions, are feeling, but today’s overcast skies are enough to bring on a little bit of wish I was back in Hawaii right now. Well okay, the near 90° heat plus humidity was rough on the days without tradewinds, but watching the sun slowly sink into the ocean with the island of Niihau on the horizon is nothing less than magical. And the golden hour at sunrise holds its own special kind of beauty.

Sunrise in Waipa
Aloha kakahiaka from Waipa, Hanalei

In between the golden hours, the warmth of the sun entice Gold Dust Day Geckos out from their hiding spot. Slighter bigger than the common house geckos, and way cuter than the brown and green anole lizards that look like they’re always giving you the stink eye, the neon green geckos are actually an invasive species to the islands. No one seems to mind though if they decide to become permanent squatters on the property.

Gold dust day gecko

Speaking of squatters, this pair of nene geese act as police radar along the road to Kilauea Lighthouse. They’ve come a long way since being put on the endangered species list, and maybe for that reason is why drivers are cautious where these birds are known to habitate.

Nene geese at Kilauea

The Kauai Bus stops at the neighborhood center in Kilauea, so we walked the 2-mile round trip to the lighthouse entry gate (the lighthouse was closed on Monday).

Nene at Hanalei taro fields
Nene at taro fields in Hanalei

Nene at Kilauea lighthouse
Nene at Kilauea Lighthouse parking

Back in the chestnut forest, it’s still 35°F outdoors with the possible chance of snow this week. If the skies clear at all it’ll be more sunsets like this. Hurry up Christmas!

Somewhere in the world morning begins


3 thoughts on “Kauai skies, nene, and a neon green gecko

    1. Rowena Post author

      No you don’t wanna hope for more sun! With the cold factor, frozen smog in the cities is scary. We really need snow or rain to clear out the air (and to guarantee a lush spring).



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