A drone’s-eye view of Honopu Trail

Honopu trail November 2016
Excuse me while I stay rooted to the ground for this shot.

We’ve done the Honopu Ridge trail before but as it is one of the less popular hikes in Kokee, we did it again because we rarely come across anyone along the way. Located 2 miles north from Kokee Lodge/picnic area (less than 1/2 mile from the Awa’awapuhi trailhead), Honopu is what I would call ‘sketchy’ and not for hikers who rely on well-defined signage. Ribbons, some of which are worn and discolored from the elements, barely identify the winding path through forest before traversing thick patches of scratchy, chest-high, uluhe (false staghorn fern). It isn’t a long walk 2 miles in (she says with a wink), but before seeing anything remotely breathtaking, you curse yourself for not having the smarts to wear long pants (the fern branches are merciless!) and silently pray that a feral pig won’t cross your path. As with all ridge trails in Kokee State Park, please use discretion if the area has seen recent heavy rains.

Drone action with the bro' in November. @kauaiboyy (from @darren2xplore)

Drone action with the bro’ in November. @kauaiboyy (previously @darren2xplore)

Anyway, this post isn’t so much about Honopu as it is about how much fun we had hiking it with my youngest brother. He dabbles in photography as much as I do, but while I focus on edibles, he gets a bird’s-eye view with aerials. Drone photos are a totally different learning curve that I would love to learn if I didn’t have a garden, dogs, and too many foodie thoughts. Check out his images on Instagram @kauaiboyy for an awe-inspiring perspective of the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

Honopu trail @ the 2-mile mark?
Two miles into the trail, I think, and the trail opens into a small clearing.


9 thoughts on “A drone’s-eye view of Honopu Trail

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  2. Brett

    Wow! Haven’t done any of the Waimea Canyon trails, sticking mostly to what’s closest to the house. And I wholeheartedly concur, though never having worn long pants for hiking, many are the days I wished I had worn long pants. Of course I am all better within a week and rearing to go some place I’ve never gone before.



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