Street FUD at Urgnano Castle – Halloween weekend

Castle Urgnano Street FUD
Castello di Urgnano (just south of Bergamo)

Like I said for the last food truck event, this is probably the final one for 2016 and hopefully I won’t prove myself wrong. It’s not that I’m getting tired of eating stuff dished out of a truck, but with this past 4-day weekend to get out and about, we were more than curious to taste anticucho (peruvian-style beef hearts) and indulge in culatello and gnocco fritto (dough squares fried in lard). We’ve been to a Street FUD festival held next to a villa and that was cool, but this Halloween edition at Urgnano Castle put on the thrills and chills with its very own spooky ghost story. Legend says that at the stroke of midnight between October 31st and November 1st, an old stable groom (who mysteriously vanished sometime in the 18th century) returns to wander through the castle, searching for fodder for his horses.

Anticucho from-Ta' Bueno
Anticucho from Ta’ Bueno. Delicious taco spice flavor and not so tough as I thought they’d be.

Bizzi's Arrosticino
Arrosticini by Bizzi. I will never tire of the fatty bits on these grilled lamb skewers.

Grilled octopus sandwich
The inimitable grilled octopus sandwich from Da Mama!

Culatello and gnocco fritto
Silky culatello and gnocco fritto (heavenly pillows of fried dough) from GNOC & Lambrusc

And last but not least, Toscanaccio from BBQ Valdichiana. Chianina beef and Cinta Senese pork burger, porcini cooked in truffle cream, and Pienza pecorino.

Maddie at Castle Urgnano

So far I’ve enjoyed Street FUD’s organization, entertainment program, and locations, but we didn’t stick around for ghost encounters or any of the fun. We did, however, get into the spirit and dressed the Westie as a red devil. I really should get her an agent.


5 thoughts on “Street FUD at Urgnano Castle – Halloween weekend

  1. Nonna T

    A few years ago at a park, I watched a spanish speaking nanny entertain her child by saying “anticuchos” over and over again:-) We have made anticuchos twice. The trick is to marinate it for a looong time to tenderize it. My husband loves all things offal:-)


    1. Rowena Post author

      🙂 what a very beautiful moment to have witnessed. I noticed the anticuchos on the general menu, but they weren’t available during a summertime food event. Really happy to have finally gotten a taste and the tip on a long marinating time!



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