Bruschette and churros at The Big Food Festival

Bruschetta fichi, Parma DOP & ricotta
Fresh figs, ricotta, and Parma prosciutto from Pantura.

This is probably the last food truck outing for the year so I’ll make this short and sweet. In just a few months we’ve visited most of the trucks on our “must” list. From lampredotto (cow stomach) to pulled pork sandwiches, and more beef and pork burgers than my doctor would advise, we’ve tasted some really great food at these outdoor events.

Bruschetta n'duja & stracciatella
N’duja and stracciatella cheese from Pantura.

Fall weather has been a succession of damp, dreary days so when the skies parted this past Sunday, nothing could keep us from The Big Food Festival in Alzano Lombardo. How’s this for an instant mood lifter: hot chocolate, whipped cream and churros just out of the fryer. Yum!

Hot chocolate and churros
Kudos to Eskimo Pastry Food Truck for serving such a great spanish treat!

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