Supermarket survey: where every bark counts

Can I come in?

I don’t voluntarily take surveys but a big chain supermarket sent out an online questionnaire addressing the topic of dogs in shopping centers. One of the questions – would you like to see pet-friendly shopping carts? – got my interest. You mean I can roll the Dynamic Duo around while we do the week’s groceries? Bow-yes-wow! We’re only able to cart the kids at Leroy Merlin (like The Home Depot stateside), but apparently these special carts are already in use at a grocery store here.

I asked Maddie if she would welcome the opportunity to check out the cheese aisle, have a good sniff at the bakery section, gaze at the apples, and this is what she said…

Maddie loves shopping

8 thoughts on “Supermarket survey: where every bark counts

  1. Nonna T

    I guess that our city is unique in this — no I am pretty sure our city is unique 🙂 Most of our neighborhood grocery stores turn a blind eye when people are shopping with their dogs. If the big stores like Costco allow this, I am pretty sure that they will have free samples for dogs as well 🙂 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      That is delightful to hear! With pet-related products amounting to a multi-million dollar industry, including our 4-legged friends in the supermarket experience would be the next obvious step.


  2. kat

    I think people here would love to bring their furry kids in the market! I know it would be better than them having to wait outside.


  3. cyranny

    I love the idea… Do you think the carts could be cat-friendly too? I can see Miss Freja joining me in the alleys… with her “Whut the dang now, mum???” grumpy face! How terribly mad she’d be at me… but I’d love it anyway 🙂



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