STREEAT at Carroponte part 3: room for dessert

Chicco Pezzini caffé & poff cakes

Dessert carts and wagons at STREEAT were few in number compared to the rest of the food truck count, but variety wasn’t lacking for sweet tooths. Choose from gelato, baked treats, cannoli, churros, pancakes, and poff cakes from Chicco Pezzini Caffè Artigianale&Poff Cakes.

Poff cakes semplice

Poff cakes are none other than dutch poffertjes. Dusted with powdered sugar for the plain version, or topped with chocolate-hazelnut sauce, whipped cream and strawberries for the famished, Chicco Pezzini made these mini bites uniquely special by upping the glam factor with an irresistibly cute cart painted in Hello Kitty pink.

Chicco Pezzini poff cakes

Poff cakes grill

And lastly, my weakness, the obligatory sicilian cannoli. Made to order with your toppings of choice, Marchese – Cannoli on wheels also packed cannoli to go with a 2-purchase minimum. When we got home I pondored out loud why didn’t we get more than two, to which the MotH replied – I guess we weren’t greedy enough. Buon weekend!

Marchese Cannoli

Marchese takeaway cannoli


4 thoughts on “STREEAT at Carroponte part 3: room for dessert

  1. Debbie

    Those look so yummy. I have never heard of pofferjtes before. Reminds me of Æbleskive. They are made (pofferjtes) with buckwheat? I could so eat and love those!



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