STREEAT at Carroponte part 2: the stick-to-your-ribs stuff

Fun sign at Carroponte
Just get up and dance!

And dance you will when the aroma of the grill hits your nostrils. What is an outdoor food festival without burgers, pulled pork, pork ribs, and hot dogs? STREEAT organizers had a list of participating trucks posted to their FB, making it easier to figure out the ‘protein du jour’ in advance. Well, easier said than done when there are several items on a menu, so, picking up from the previous post…

5. Porcobrado

Porcobrado food truck

Fans (carnivorous ones) of Frances Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun might be tickled to know that the pork served at Porcobrado comes from their own Cinta Senese livestock raised in the hills of Cortona. The pigs live la dolce vita allevata all’aperto (open-air environment) before being turned into deliciousness like this one with a sauce made from the mild-flavored giant garlic of Valdichiana. And if garlic isn’t your thing, other options included Classic without sauce, Piccante with jalapeno, al Vino with syrah, and Chutney with white onion and citrus.

Porcobrado con salsa all'aglionePorcobrado menu
Loved the mild garlicky flavor of this, but had no room to try the rest of the menu 😦

6. Phil’s Slow Smoked American Barbecue

Phil's American Barbecue

Whenever I see American anything over here I’m always a little dubious. But I had read so many great reviews for PSSAB that I was halfway into being a believer before even meeting them. Their pulled pork with coleslaw, pickled red onion, and bbq sauce is AWESOME (my words exactly when I complimented one of the cooks), so much so that I saved half of it to warm up on the griddle at home and relive the experience. The best kind of deja vu if ever there was. We went back for the spare ribs but they were out (temporarily I’m sure), which only proves Phil’s awesomenessnessness.

Phil's pulled pork

7. Primo Sapore

Primo Sapore food truck

While we were more than satisfied with our protein choices for the day, the idea of digging into a bread bowl stuffed with piping hot pasta and beans was too good for the MotH to pass up. It was that or the saffron risotto with sausage in a cracker bowl, but I promised myself that I would save room for dessert!

Pasta e fagioli in crosta di pane

Next up…STREEAT at Carroponte Milano part 3: room for dessert


9 thoughts on “STREEAT at Carroponte part 2: the stick-to-your-ribs stuff

  1. cyranny

    Yum… Yum yum yum… Or as we Frenchies would say, Miam!! Not quite as impressive as that “huge thing” you showed us previously, during your foodtruck diaries, but the potatoes from the first part, the pulled pork sandwich and the bowl of pasta (OMG that looks so dang delicious!!!) are solid competition…

    I just have one question… Where do you put all this food??? I just read your blog and I feel stuffed 😛


    1. Rowena Post author

      My husband and I split everything in those photos, but sometimes, my half will go into a container (honestly, I even bring along snap-lid containers) to bring back home. Haha, like a doggie bag of sorts. On that note, we are off to another food truck festival right now!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Rowena Post author

      That all’aglione sauce was so flavorful (I was burping garlic hours later), that I can’t say there was a distinct difference to regular pork. More reason to try it sans sauce the next time!



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