STREEAT at Carroponte Milano part 1: the savory stuff


Food truck groupie. Street food junkie. HELPPP! I think I may need to join a Food Truckaholics Anonymous at the rate I’m going with these roaming chowfests. To say that Italy is sitting on the bandwagon is an understatement, and now that it’s fall, the posse of tricked out vehicles are making the rounds from north to south, and east to west. It’s been said that big is always better, but I had no idea how much better when STREEAT – European Food Truck Festival threw a great big affair this past weekend in Milan.

We didn’t bring the pups with us this time around (dogs have always been welcome at every event that we’ve been to) and that gave us the chance to divide and conquer the 38 options lining both sides of the Carroponte grounds. We tried our BEST, but even stretch pants can only expand so much. WARNING: photo-heavy post, continue at your own risk!

1. Las Bravas

Las Bravas olé

I’ve had their Patatas bravas before and omigod, thought I died and went to heaven. Their Reina de Calamares calamari burger with yogurt aioli is not greasy or heavy, and was a good warm-up to the meaty options that would drive both of us crazy afterwards.

Reina de Calamares

2. Credenza on the Road – Salento Street Food

La Credenza - Salento Street Food

Take tiny new potatoes, cook them with tender loving care in vincotto (grape must reduction), rosemary, and curry powder, and what do you have?

Galantina novelle potatoes DOP

A taste sensation that will blow away all previous notions of how deliciously versatile the humble spud can be. And cheap at 3.50€. This was so good that I picked up tiny potatoes at the market to try my hand at creating this at home.

Novelle potatoes in vincotto

3. SlowSud

Slow Sud food truck

SlowSud has a fixed location in Milano that offers a larger menu, but for outdoor festivals they take to the road in a groovy little Piaggio Ape. Wonderful arancini and classic sicilian panini – flavors of the island in one bite. These guys are among our favorites.

ArancinoPane cunzato

Meat ragu arancino (from another event), pane cunzato (tomato, primosale cheese, oregano, basil, anchovy, evoo), and below – paneppanelle, chickpea flour fritters served with ricotta salata and a creamy mint dressing between a bun called mafaldina.

Panelle panino

4. L’antica Farinata

L'antica Farinata

I’m fond of anything to do with chickpeas or chickpea flour (think hummus or onion pakora), so naturally, farinata, a flatbread from Liguria, was something we had to have. Sometimes I’ll make farinata at home in the oven or over coals in the Weber, but the best ones are always cooked in a wood-burning oven. Just out of the pan, these hit the spot with a cold beer.

Farinata - chickpea flour flatbread

Next up…STREEAT at Carroponte Milano part 2: the stick-to-your-ribs stuff


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