Down by the monastery for Lavello Street Food Festival

Bobson food truck
Bobson at Santa Maria del Lavello monastery

Food trucks at a villa, now this monastery (I like how they decked out the bell tower in lights) – what’s next? Well, I thought we had had enough of roaming kitchens, but the trend is riding a wave of popularity and spreading out to smaller communities like Calolziocorte. That’s less than 6 miles from ours, so of course, staying home was simply out of the question!

1. Gnocchi di bosco by Bobson. Potato dumplings smothered in a tasty berry reduction and melted gorgonzola. Pair fruit and cheese with anything and I’m hooked. This truck has been on my radar ever since I spotted this dish.

Bobson's gnocchi di bosco

2. French Kiss by Basulon. Gimme some tongue, baby! Boiled beef tongue (lingua) and salsa verde tucked in a bun. It’s quite the delicacy (after tripe and brains) but this is the first time seeing it on a food truck menu.

Basulon's French Kiss

3. Saffron risotto with licorice powder by ZafferanoInStrada. We could’ve gone with plain saffron or saffron with gorgonzola, but this was too intriguing to pass up. The licorice didn’t overwhelm the saffron flavor at all, but it’s definitely for gourmet palates.

Saffron risotto with licorice powder

They also sell saffron beer, saffron desserts, and work out of a cute teal-colored truck.

Zafferano in Strada

4. Arepa “Caracas” by El Caminante. Venezuelan in origin, arepas is a great example of how accessible ethnic cuisine becomes when it takes to the road. The unleavened flatbread buns (made with ground maize) are the perfect vehicle for whatever stuffs your fancy. This one has chicken cooked sous-vide, avocado, mayo, mustard and lime.

Arepa "Caracas"

5. Mister Brown by Urban Fish. Grilled swordfish, thin slice of fried eggplant, and salsa verde between rye bread. Not sure of why the name, although I’m glad it had nothing to do with Nutella. (Sorry Nutella fans!)

Mister Brown

Polynesian paralysis set in pretty quick afterwards so we called it quits (cold beer on tap for only 4€ will do that to you!) but not without dessert to go. Pistachio and chocolate eclairs by local pastry shop Pasticceria Corti. Wow. I should’ve gotten some for breakfast the next day.

Pasticceria Corti eclairs

9 thoughts on “Down by the monastery for Lavello Street Food Festival

  1. Nonna T

    I’m so happy that food trucks are becoming popular. Taco trucks around here often offer lengua (beef tongue) tacos. They are quite good. On rare occasions one can also find sesos (brains) tacos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rowena Post author

      It’s food truck explosion from what I’m witnessing here and as long as new trucks pop up, there’s always going to be something new to check out. Got 2 of them marked for this month alone (on top of the 2 that we recently went to)….haha!



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