Street Füd Festival: truckin’ it next to the villa

Food truckin' down at the villa
Villa Sormani, Lurago d’Erba

It’s all about location, location, location. Some food truck events are organized in such idyllic settings that just being there becomes half the fun. This 18th century villa was the backdrop for Street Füd Festival, where 2 dozen roaming kitchens lined the cobblestone lane fronting the elegant building. From traditional italian favorites to popular international offerings, we tried our best to check out all of the great füd (foohd).

1. Risotto with culatello, radicchio and grana chese, 5€. A basic warm-up before the serious eating begins.

Risotto food truck Risotto con culatello, radicchio e grana

2. Chicken pad thai, 8€. Spicy and delicious with the bold flavors of lime juice, nam pla and cilantro, but I expected a bit more in that container.

Chicken pad thai

3. Grilled octopus sandwiches, 7€. Get all of those tentacle horror movies out of your head. This octo-panino kills it!

Panino col polpo alla brace

I wish they would update their Facebook event page to let us know where they’ll be next.

Polpo alla brace

4. Lampredotto sandwich, 7€. Food for the adventurous but not the faint-of-heart. The name comes from lampreda (lamprey eels) that looks like cow stomach #4, the one used to make this classic florentine street eats. I’ve tried this on 2 occasions but nope, it’s not for me!

Toscanacci menu and lampredotto

5. Patatas bravas, 4€. Tapas street food by Las Bravas: mojitos, calamari burgers, sangria, chorizo hot dogs, iberico ham, and the yummiest patatas bravas from a cute little blue truck.

Las Bravas

Piping hot cubes of fried potatoes with spicy salsa brava and salsa aioli.

Patatas bravas

6. Ceviche, 7€. On the peruvian menu of Ta’ Bueno food truck. Fresh fish, tropea red onions, chocolo (the large corn kernels), cancha (toasted corn), lime, sweet potato.

Tà Bueno ceviche

7. Gran gustoso ai gamberoni, 8€. Large, tender, succulent shrimp tails, on mango mayo and topped with shredded celery root. The sandwich didn’t have the kind of flavor impact that I was hoping for, and the photo displayed on the menu looked much more enticing.

Gran gustoso ai gamberoni

As mentioned earlier, location is half the fun, but to have hot air balloon rides just yonder from the church? Spectacular event that put everyone in a fun mood, starting with country line dancing, pole dancers (seriously), live dj music, and street füd.

Street Füd Lurago d'Erba


19 thoughts on “Street Füd Festival: truckin’ it next to the villa

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    1. Rowena Post author

      There must be something hardwired in our brain that when we see food+fire, it automatically translates into a most wonderful experience. Let the flames begin!


    1. Rowena Post author

      We will have to expand our FT forays beyond Italy to get more variety. I was so surprised to see that octo-sandwich – never seen that before in Italy!


  4. Eva

    Love this! In my town there is a street food festival every September. I’m very much looking forward to that!! I love this type of food experience!


    1. Rowena Post author

      What I like best about these food truck/street food events is that you can taste regional fare from other areas of Italy, right on the spot. Kinda like a quick foodie fix if you can’t get to Sardegna, Basilicata, and all of the other italian regions that require some planning (and approved vacation time!) to get there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Eva

        Agreed. The food festival in my town is world-oriented. I always go for Indonesian nasi goreng, Polish pierogi and a cannolo siciliano. Those are my rituals. Then I also try something new every year. I really like it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Rowena Post author

        Nasi goreng…wow! I hope the food truck trend expands to include more international options, but without any “dumbing down” of a particular cuisine to better suit local palates. I’m accustomed to thai food being spicy hot, but when I try anthing here, it’s far from being piccante!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Eva

        Well unfortunately this happens. My nasi goreng is not spicy, and I know that the real thing should be. But the English-Indian guys with the curry truck had mild curry to suit the Swedish tasta and also a smaller pot of the real curry, the one they eat, and my boyfriend asked for that once. It was so spicy he had tears in his eyes eating it, but he loved it. That one was real.


  5. cyranny

    Yum, yum yum! Thanks again for the food tour around the world… I am happy that picture-watching is still calorie-free 🙂 Great pictures and descriptions, but I am sorry to say I am still stuck on the pop corn crumbles on “that huge thing” LOL



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