I’ll have snails four ways and 2 scoops gelato

Cucine a Motore
Cucine a Motore (motorkitchens) food truck festival

Blame it on the French for giving the world escargot. I know the title sounds like a pregnant woman with a case of the munchies, but snails (lumache in italian) and a curious-sounding pork sausage “crumble” was enough to lure us out to Sirmione, Lake Garda for a day of food truck foraging. Let’s start slow, shall we?

La lumaca a spasso (the strolling snail)

La lumaca a spasso

“La Lumaca” snail burger (30% snails, 70% beef) with lettuce, fried eggplant and tomato. I bet the patties look totally funky before hitting the grill, but this was tastier than expected, and we expected a lot. A nice balance of mixed protein for 7 euros.

La Lumaca

Snail tasting left to right: à la Bourguignonne, breaded and fried, with Gorgonzola, 8 euros. Not seen: the gobs of butter that pooled out of the shells when we dug into them.

Lumache degustazione

And lastly: snails calabrese-style, with tomato sauce and seasonings, 6 euros. A touch of chile pepper and a side of grilled polenta would’ve made this perfect snail street eats.

Lumache in umido alla Calabrese

El Lares

Salsiccia con crumbleEl Lares (I believe it means The Larch – a type of conifer – in trentino dialect) makes this salsiccia con crumble. Pork sausage dipped in bbq sauce then rolled in a “crumble” mixture of crushed cornflakes and broken bits of popcorn, 6 euros. It was a mess to eat but tasty for such an unusual combo. All of a sudden I’m thinking, hmm… pork sausage dipped in teriyaki sauce and rolled in crushed arare and popcorn. Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn dog!

From what I’m seeing at these events, there’ll always be at least one option for asian or asian-inspired flavors, be it in name or ingredients.

Below: Tonno Tataki – tuna marinated in soy sauce – with lettuce and tomato in a sesame seed bun, 6 euros. I’m familiar with the quickly seared tataki method but this appeared to be cooked all the way through. And the tuna was sliced thin.

Tonno Tataki

Time to call it a day and get that double scoop of gelato, 2.50 euros.

Pistachio & mixed berry gelato


7 thoughts on “I’ll have snails four ways and 2 scoops gelato

  1. cyranny

    As always, a real pleasure to follow you 🙂 El Lares looks yummy-yummy in the tummy, though I never would have thought about doing that with a sausage 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      I had no idea what the ‘crumble’ part of the sausage would be (the description only said cereals) until the cook handed it over. Then I exclaimed, Hey! There’s popcorn on this thing!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Rowena Post author

      I want to try that at home but first, I need to find a premium quality pork sausage. I wouldn’t have liked the salsciccia con crumble if it had been just a regular hot dog.



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