Food truck fever in Italy

Filipino Fast Food
Filipino food next to the Philippine consulate in Milan, June 2013

Move over traditional italian sagre and festivals – there’s a new kid in town.

Looking for a different kind of dining experience in the bel paese? In the past 3 years since I had my first encounter with the above shocking pink van in Milan, the food truck craze has crossed the pond and taken hold in the land of pasta and pizza. Back then I never would’ve guessed how trendy the traveling setup would become, but it has turned into something of an invasion as more and more food entrepreneurs follow their dreams and take to the road.

The Big Food FestivalNeedless to say, I’ve ignored the trend in favor of sitting down and given a menu. But a couple of weeks ago at the Big Food Festival, there was something about the crazy kool modified wheels, the casual atmosphere, and most importantly, the tempting variety of eats that told me I had been missing out for far too long. From juicy gourmet burgers to asian burritos, yummy gelato to made-on-the-spot sicilian cannoli, street food on the go is changing the way italians love to eat. Let the food truck fever begin!



DanSi (Facebook) offers traditional tuscan and florentine cuisine. MotH spotted lampredotto on the menu and ordered it asap. I love stewed tripe so this should’ve been a treat, but I’m afraid it was a little too strong for my taste. Served with salsa verde, it looks harmless, no?

Lampredotto panino

Asian Crossover

Asian Crossover food truck

As the name would suggest, this is asian fusion and one of the cooks couldn’t have stated it better when he described the sushi burrito as norwegian salmon meets italian rice. Avocado, lettuce and cream cheese make up the rest of the filling, all rolled up in a pink soy wrapper.

Sushi burrito


Frish food truck

The clean, simple lines of this baby blue mini truck just begs to be photographed but it’s the menu that initially caught my eye. They make a tasty fish version of the classic Roman supplì. Mixed seafood in tomato-flavored risotto balls, breaded and deep-fried to a delicious crisp.

Supplì di pesce

BBQ Valdichiana

Viking burger

Burgers have earned quite a following here and you can find an “Americano” (classic beef with tomato, lettuce, cheese) on the menu of any decent burger joint in Italy. But the italians have also figured out that what goes ON the patty counts as much as its given name. Take the Viking Burger for example: a blend of Tuscan chianina beef and cinta senese pork with sauted bell pepper, Pienza pecorino, lettuce and white sauce. Viva Toscana!

La Puccia

La Puccia

This cute 3-wheeler Piaggio Ape served up a variety of puccia – traditional sandwiches from the Salento area in Puglia. The “Leuca” has spicy salume, pickled eggplant strips, provolone and rocket greens. Simple, yet molto, molto buono.

Leuca panino

That’s it for Food Truck Fever numero uno. I’ve got #2 from this past weekend and #3 for the upcoming weekend to work on and look forward to. Buon appetito!


6 thoughts on “Food truck fever in Italy

    1. Rowena Post author

      I suggested to MotH that WE should open a food truck, hawaiian-style, and serve spam musubi, kalua pig, chicken long rice, coconut haupia, and teriyaki chicken. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nonna T

        I think that you should totally open a Hawaiian foodtruck! We have taste tested spam musubi with Italian friends and they loved it:-) Coconut haupia, oh my, now I’m hungry:-)! How about have some Loco Moco too?.


      2. Rowena Post author

        Loco Moco…of course! How could I have forgotten that one! In the end it will come down to 1) a fixer-upper cascina or 2) food truck. We’ll see how the food truck mania holds in the next few years.


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