Thank Daim it’s Friday

Daim ice cream cone

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find the right frozen treat to end this hot, humid, energy-draining week, but Daim came to the rescue. Caramel ice cream with Daim nibs and caramel sauce in a cone. I can’t decide which is better – the Daim bar or the cone – but between cones, bars, and Magnum sandwiches, having all 3 in the freezer will get us through the weekend. TGIF!

Magnum sandwich and Daim-co


4 thoughts on “Thank Daim it’s Friday

  1. Debbie

    Both look wonderful to this ice cream favorite dessert lactose intolerant person! Just convinced me to make some coconut milk “ice cream” (chocolate fig as my trees have exploded with figs) for this weekend. Enjoy and let us know which is your fav. I have to enjoy it vicariously through you!


    1. Rowena Post author

      I cringe at the thought that I might become lactose intolerant (my mother developed an intolerance out of the blue) so I guess only time will tell. Coconut milk ice cream with figs sounds divine!
      Regarding the Daim and Magnum ice cream bars…they are so good that I cannot say which is best. If the supermarket runs a weekly special on these, I will certainly stock up!



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