Daim, it’s good!

Daim, it's good!
Dachshund channeling Daim, Daim, give me some Daim.

I had to wikipedia what Daim (pronounced dime) is but don’t hold it against me if I get a little creative with the pronunciation. Daaahim! This ice cream bar is not bad at all! Not too sweet like the previous Toblerone bar and no toffee bits stuck in your teeth. I haven’t yet gotten into the Magnum Mini Infinity bars but I’m 100% sure that the rich chocolate ice cream in a deep chocolate coating with cocoa nibs will deliver on Magnum’s frozen dessert fame.

Magnum Infinity and Daim


13 thoughts on “Daim, it’s good!

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    1. Rowena Post author

      He will follow me around in hopes that something will drop, and this time a teeny piece of the chocolate shell did fall off. I know that chocolate is bad for dogs but I guess the amount wasn’t enough to do harm.



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