The Floating Piers: buon appetito!

The reality after crossing The Floating Piers: you’re hot, thirsty, and utterly exhausted from the sweltering conditions – what’s next? There was no shortage of places to grab a sandwich and a cold drink, but what we had in mind was someplace away from the crowds and worthy of commemorating our anniversary and Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s monumental land, or rather lake, art. I did my homework ahead of time and instinctively knew that the Menu del Territorio (35€/pp, cover, water, coffee incl.) at Dispensa Pani e Vini was going to make us ooh and aah over each course. Imagine our delight when presented with this beauty.

Da Sulzano a Montisola

Sulzano a Montisola – trout tartare in a pool of goat milk yogurt, garnished with smoked trout roe, olive oil from Montisola, sardine crumble and a wafer-thin strip (corn?) that represents the piers. Brilliantly put together and I want to recreate this at home.

Risotto al pomodoro giallo del Vesuvio

Risotto al pomo d’oro – yellow tomatoes from Vesuvio in a creamy risotto, topped with dollops of luscious burrata “innards”, crunchy bits of olives, and marjoram. Beautiful combination of color, flavor, and texture.

Manzo all'olio tradizionale

Manzo all’olio – in english, beef in oil doesn’t sound all that appetizing but it is thee best new thing I learned about traditional Brescian cuisine (the first being bagòss). This was melt-in-your-mouth soft that my knife literally fell right through it.

Tiramisù al caffè di Haiti Komet

Tiramisù – as ubiquitous as it is, I found it cute that you could literally “pick up” your cup to bring a spoonful of tiramisù to your mouth.

Melon soup with mozzarella mousse

Melon soup with mozzarella mousse – I’m going backwards with this but I can’t leave out the complimentary amuse-bouche at the start of the meal. I don’t think you could ever go wrong with fruit/cheese pairings no matter what form they’re presented in, and the sweet element of the melon was complemented with salty bits of crispy pancetta.

Dispensa Pani e Vini
Via Principe Umberto, 23
Torbiato, Adro BS


9 thoughts on “The Floating Piers: buon appetito!

  1. polentaebaccala

    Great food of my home! 🙂
    Manzo all’olio is definitely great! And that risotto is a good tip for me, since I came back right now from Naples area, where I bought also a big jar of yellow tomatoes from Vesuvio 🙂 I’ll maybe try something like that! Thanks 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      I look forward to what you create with those tomatoes. I’ve found datterini gialli (preserved in jars) at Esselunga, but the taste is not quite the same as Vesuvio’s.


  2. Lisa

    The food looks so amazing! My dream is to travel to Italy sometime! One of my favorite countries even though I have never been there! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  3. Nonna T

    Beautiful presentation of the trout tartare and smoked trout roe dish. How was the saltiness factor with the combination of the sardines and roe?


    1. Rowena Post author

      The biggest doubt I had was with the raw fish and yogurt, but the whole thing was surprisingly balanced on all notes. The sardine crumble (dessicated and finely grounded) reminded me of bottarga.


  4. cyranny

    Although I eat like a bird, your presentations of gastronomic experiences will eventually drive me to buy a plane ticket to Italy!! Ok, it might just be an excuse to travel again, but you do make all those dishes look absolutely delicious!! 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      I am guilty of raving about a lot of good meals, but this one….it was different than the usual family-style eatery. It actually has 3 dining areas/options: wine bar, osteria (casual), restaurant (fancier) – something for all tastes!



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