Things are heating up at The Floating Piers

The Floating Piers: Sulzano to Peschiera Maraglio
Between Monte Isola and Sulzano

The Floating Pexit? With 9 days remaining for a chance to walk on water, the oppressive heat and humidity is the last thing visitors need to worry about. Yesterday’s announcement of a nocturnal closing (10pm-6am until further notice) will disappoint night owls, but to make matters worse, the weekend brings another round of stormy weather that will surely affect opening hours. Christo fans, hang in there!

The Floating Piers exit
On the A4 at 8:40am. ETA to parking: 9 sharp.

The Floating Piers entrance
10:20am – almost there!

We were lucky to have gotten in and out without fuss. The longest wait: 35 minutes for the shuttle bus. Once we stepped off in Sulzano, it took a mere 10 minutes in line before finally setting foot on the marigold-colored fabric of the gigantic walkway. Unbelievably surreal…

The Floating walking on sunshine

Dogs were granted access as long as they were muzzled and on leash, but no one enforced those rules once the dogs were on the walkway. A lot of canine friends this past Wednesday.

The Floating Piers westie

The first segment leading to Peschiera Maraglio on Monte Isola.

The Floating Piers to Peschiera Maraglio

Where art…(keep scrolling).

The Floating Piers on Lake Iseo

..imitates art.


Daytime conditions were brutal. 30°C and 80% humidity caused a few people to suffer from heat exhaustion. Emergency staff were quick to assist and whisk them away via zodiac. For those who made it to Isola di San Paolo, every bit of shade offered respite and a place to pull out cold drinks and packed lunches. No diving into the lake to cool off, so be prepared!

The Floating Piers Isola di San Paolo

Follow the yellow brick, follow the yellow brick, follow the yellow brick road
You’re off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road


6 thoughts on “Things are heating up at The Floating Piers

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  3. Anonymous

    Spectacular, Rowena! Usually when you hear about the italian lakes, it’s Como (Clooney!) and Garda (James Bond), so Christo’s project must’ve really done wonders for this lake community. Anything else to see, do or eat in that area? Or are Clooney and Bond’s lake still the best to visit?


    1. Rowena Post author

      I don’t know much about Lago d’Iseo, only that there’s a hiking path that goes around Monte Isola. The area is also known for Franciacorta sparkling wine.

      As for the best lake…I cannot say anything other than Lake Como, but on Lecco’s side. Maybe I should do a survey? 😉



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