Pick-your-own strawberries and cherries

Cascina Peliza strawberry field
Cascina Peliza, Castel Cerreto (BG)

To think that we were hunched over picking strawberries under blazing sunshine a couple of weekends ago. Row upon row of red, sweet, juicy fruit, just waiting to be plucked. I feel for our favorite farm who pretty much has to suck it up when bad weather puts harvesting on hold. We’re stuck with this rain for a few more days but thankfully no hail – yet.

Cascina Peliza strawberry picking

At 6€/kilo, we made sure to pick the best-looking ones. Certainly you can get strawberries for less than half that at the supermarket, but the fact that these are organically grown is worth the extra cost.

Cascina Peliza cherry orchard

The cherry trees are at the right height to harvest without needing a ladder. Some held more fruit than others but unless you’re making a load of pies for a pie-eating contest, one tree is probably all you’ll need to visit. The farm supplies punnets and crates for collecting. While we were there, I took note of the apricot orchard which should be ripe and ready in another month. We need sun!

Cascina Peliza ciliegie e fragole

6 thoughts on “Pick-your-own strawberries and cherries

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  2. polentaebaccala

    I’m originally from Brescia province, so not far 🙂 who knows, maybe Cerreto comes from the word “Seresa”, which means cherry in the local dialect 🙂 sure they sounds quite similar 🙂



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