At Villa Litta for Ninfeamus

The past 3-day holiday weekend saw the 5th edition of Ninfeamus at Villa Litta in Lainate. Dedicated to nature, the event hosted an open-air market for plants and crafts, and for the first time gave visitors the opportunity to see a variety of orchids in the newly renovated greenhouses (Serre Liberty). The main draw and amusement, as always, was the nymphaeum (il Ninfeo), a series of themed rooms, some in mosaic, with trick fountains that delighted all.

Ninfeamus 2016
Plants and crafts market

Basil plants for sale
A variety of basil and other herbs for sale

Serre Liberty
Serre Liberty

il Ninfeo

Ninfeo - mosaic room Ninfeo - trick fountains
Tiny river stones adorn the walls in this mosaic room; trick fountains pop up unexpectedly

Ninfeo - chicken and golden egg
The best room of the Ninfeo, imho, is the one with the chicken that lays a golden egg when the fountain sprays water. When the spraying stops, the egg disappears. I want one!


4 thoughts on “At Villa Litta for Ninfeamus

    1. Rowena Post author

      And I was lucky to be the one standing right next to it when it laid the egg. Note to future visitors/shutterbugs: be the first to nab a spot next to the chicken!


      1. Rowena Post author

        From MXP it’s 22 miles, about a half hour drive. The Ninfeo is supposed to be even more magical when it’s all lit up at night (during summer months only).


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