The double tree of happiness

Bialbero di Casorzo

I wonder how many out there can boast of this in their backyard? Looking very much like a lone sentinel in what could be taken at first glance as a very convincing April Fool’s joke, the bialbero della felicità (double tree of happiness) is a cherry tree growing on top of a mulberry. Does that make it a chermulberry? A mulcherry? Just think of the wonderful jam you could make out of a single harvest. I’m going to order one from the nursery right now.

Double tree of happiness
Picking cherries off of this must be a pain.

Actually, the likeliest reason for this oddity of nature is probably a bird ‘dropping’ by, and in that instant of relief, a new tree was born. Located just off SP38 [GPS: 45.005757,8.323099] between Grana and Casorzo in Piemonte, the bialbero is visible from the road and there is a small parking area with a couple of picnic tables. A placard on-site states that the tree is the property of Luigi Casalone and family.

Bialbero della felicità


7 thoughts on “The double tree of happiness

    1. Nonna T

      I love the fact that the family (I assume) who owns the land put a picnic table and sign there:-) Our native western scrub jay often plants peanuts and acorns all over the place. We have many voluteer oak trees because of them.

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      1. Rowena Post author

        And what beautiful birds they are! Volunteer oak trees just brought something to mind – truffles – and that can only be a good thing for California.


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