Salon du Chocolat Milano was ok…

La Torre Diamante
La Torre Diamonte / Diamond Tower

…but if there’s going to be another one next year, count me out.

Held for the very first time in Milan this past February 13-15, right next to Torre Diamante, it was an opportunity to taste and purchase top-quality international chocolates that we had never heard of. That’s a plus in my book. Still, for the 10€x2 entry fee (discounted early-bird when I purchased online), it was rather pricey for having such a limited amount of exhibitors (the majority being italian of course). A fashion show on the weekend and a number of events were held throughout the 3-day period, none of which we were all that interested in. If we ever do this again, it will have to be at the original Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

Salon du Chocolat stash and vegan chocolate bars
Top 2 rows from Salon du Chocolat. Akesson’s (Madagascar) and Marou (Vietnam) mini-bars.
Bottom row from supermarket – Lindt’s toasted sesame and vegan chocolate from Tuscany.
Below, photos from Salon du Chocolat Milano.


4 thoughts on “Salon du Chocolat Milano was ok…

    1. Rowena Post author

      Haha! They do go big and loud on so many things. It was the backing out of the japanese chocolate vendor that ruined it for me. I purchased the tickets last year as soon as I saw the company listed as one of the exhibitors. Then a couple of weeks before the big show, I check again and voila! They disappeared into thin air.


  1. kat

    Our salon du chocolat has no entry fee but the prices for chocolates have risen over the years. I wouldn’t mind checking out the one in Paris too, it looks large with lots of sampling!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Paris. Absolutely. Because then I can cross one, no make that two, things off my bucket list: breakfast at Laduréè and dinner at Pain, Vin, Fromage!



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