All masked up and ready to…..

Mr B ready for Carnevale 2016?

run. That pretty much summed it up when the camera stopped clicking and the doggie treats came to an end. My efforts at creating a venetian-style mask was on the ground with a flip of his head. With Carnevale around the corner (I know, so early this year) we don’t have plans to check out any specific event, but a mask is always a must!

Speaking of plans, once again Mother Nature has some of her own as warmer than usual temps are back. 63°F (17°C) today – that’s a first for January. Last year on this date it was 36°F, we had some snow, and it was just the kind of weather for a proper Giorni della Merla (Three Days of the Blackbird). The year before that I was wearing mitts and showing off my Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes mug. In Italy there’s a saying:

9 thoughts on “All masked up and ready to…..

    1. Rowena Post author

      We went to the Venice carnevale once…and it was freezing cold, raining, and extremely crowded. I’m sorry, but as famous as it is, I’d rather check out smaller, lesser known ones in a tiny mountain village in the italian alps. The one in Bagolino with the folk music and dancing was one that we thoroughly enjoyed.



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