4th Festival of the Cazoeula

Cazoeùla at Trattoria il Giardinet

How about a nice hot plate (literally, for it was hot to the touch) piled high with braised pork ribs, sausage, rind, and savoy cabbage on a cold winter day? Spelled cazoeùla, cassoeula, or cazzuola (it all depends on where you’re having it), this Lombard dish is always served with polenta and red wine. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts but with the Festival della Cazoeùla in Cantù, more is coming your way because we want a shot at being one of the judges! This year from January 17 – February 28, patrons dining at a minimum of 3 of the 9 participating restaurants get a chance to declare the winner. As one of the judges you get to take part in the final tasting.

Ok so this isn’t like the usual sagra/festa weekend affair with long lines and everyone under one big tent, but I think the concept of being a judge is fun. All restaurants have a 13€ menu (cazoeula and polenta) so it’s very affordable. For where to eat cazoeula #1 it was an easy choice because Trattoria il Giardinet had the best advert for the event.

Trattoria il Giardinet cazoeùla

We each ordered the 13€ menu and a bottle of cabernet. The 30€ menu was a better deal, but cazoeula is RICH with fat. As marvelous as it tastes, it is more than enough without any frills like antipasto, cheese, or even dessert.

Trattoria il Giardinet

Afterwards, the waiter presented a card that was appropriately stamped to prove that we had dined there. Two more to go before it gets sent to the comune of Cantù. Cazoeùliamo!

Cazoeula timbro

12 thoughts on “4th Festival of the Cazoeula

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  2. Nonna T

    I love the concept of a “cazoeula crawl”! I was thinking the word’s origins were Spanish. There is a clay pot used for making stews called a cazuela.


    1. Rowena Post author

      Cazoeula crawl…brilliant! It does make a lot of sense that the word very likely refers to the dish used to cook with, but at this point if I look any further into its origins, I will drive myself crazy with tasting all the cazoeula, cassoulet, and cazuela that I can get my hands on. XD


    1. Rowena Post author

      This nice thing is finding good ones not more than an hour’s drive from home. It’s one thing to eat well, but another thing to drive after a heavy meal when all you want to do is take a nap!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. cyranny

    Oh yum!! I feel like I repeat myself when you post, but it is entirely your fault, posting such delicious looking pictures… I had never heard of Casoeùla, but I wonder if it might have some links with the Southern France’s Cassoulet?



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