That went by much too quickly

I am still in recovery mode from all the eating and imbibing, but the idea of one more big meal in a few days is no less exciting. Between Christmas eve, day, the day after, and lastly the day after the day after, I estimate that we consumed a little more than the usual calories during the 4-day weekend at home and out with friends.

Xmas eve pre-dinner munchies

Our house, Christmas eve, 2pm. I’m starving, we need a snack! Weren’t they just showing mortadella on the tube? Let’s run to the store like the rest of the last-minute shoppers.

Xmas eve lobster paella

A few hours later, 8:15pm. Paella dinner. We polished off two-thirds lickety split with a big bottle of belgian xmas ale. Ridiculously easy to make and looks impressive on the table.

Christmas Pandoro

Christmas morning, 2am. Santa appreciated the pandoro and left open tickets for a faraway place of our choice. “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


7 thoughts on “That went by much too quickly

  1. Lisa

    Wow your feast looks fantastic! Can I eat at your house?? tee hee! Happy New Year wishes sweetie! I look forward to the new year and your blog posts throughout! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  2. Nonna T

    You take such beautiful photos. One can almost taste the food and wine:-) Yup, we’re going on a substantial hike today in anticipation of the next round. Hoppin’ John will be one of the things on the menu for sure.


    1. Rowena Post author

      I am so flattered by your comment ^^’ but give due credit to the fact that food presentation was ingrained into my head while I was in culinary school and then when I went to work in the food industry. Share some photos of the hike!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Ha! I deliberately left out the belgian beers, pizzas, lasagne, chocolates, cookies, panettone and other stuff that was handily lying around the kitchen. Yes, once a year is good otherwise my doctor will scream at me the next time she takes my blood pressure.



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