L’Artigiano in Fiera: shop til you drop

Artigiano in Fiera 2015

Despite the fact that 2015 makes it the 20th edition, I had never heard of this mega shopping event until, oh, about 2 months ago? Apparently I have been living even further under a rock, content with Amazon and ordering online, and completely unaware of the round-the-world experience at L’Artigiano in Fiera. Involving over 100 countries (with Italy taking up at least half of the space), the fiera is one gigantic display of artisan handicrafts, local cuisine and cultural entertainment. It picks up where Milan’s Expo left off in terms of finding unique gifts to leave under the Christmas tree.

Maasai dancers

Not really knowing what to expect, the MotH and I made a brief trip this past Wednesday to avoid weekend crowds. Upon arrival at 10am it already looked busy, but parking (2.50€/hr) was not a problem. There were no metal detector/security checks to go through, no lines to get in, and the best part, no admission fee! It was also amazing to see people strolling in with empty trolleys and backpacks.

Countries are grouped by continent: the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East, with Italy by itself. We skipped Italy and concentrated on the rest of the world. Deciding where to eat was not easy – there’s just about everything you could want to sink your teeth into, with prices more or less equal to what you’d fork out at any fastfood restaurant. Three hours falls within our tolerance level for any type of crowd and was just enough time to shop, eat, and take in the sights. Next year it’ll be the whole thing or bust!

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