Dogs welcome at the Fasulin de l’oc cun le cudeghe

Dogs welcome at Fasulin de l'oc in Pizzighettone

Yes. I cani possono entrare. Nine years ago at the Fasulin de l’oc event in Pizzighettone for the very first time, dogs weren’t included on the welcome mat. Fortunately for us at the time of our visit, someone took kindly to our plight and we were shown to a quiet section, far from the main dining area.

Casamatta 21 for the dogsWell now things have changed. Dogs (cats too, if we are to take that sign up top at face value) and their peeps have a designated space at the very end in Casamatta 21. We had no idea about this, but again, a kind soul noticed our bewildered faces, pointed us in the right direction, and suggested that one of us could get the food while the other sat with the dogs. This event grows bigger with each year and I’m glad we took his advice – look at that line below.

Pizzighettone Casematte

While the wait may have been longer than expected (about 30′), the quality and quantity of the dishes still remain the same after all these years. Black-eyed peas (fasulin de l’oc) and pork skin (cudeghe) nestled in a thick, flavorful broth. A popular example of comfort food in Italy no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Fasulin de l'oc 2015
Sunday lunch for 30€: black-eyed peas and pork skin soup, raspadura cheese, cheese cubes and mostarda, lardo and salame, grilled polenta, bread and wine.


5 thoughts on “Dogs welcome at the Fasulin de l’oc cun le cudeghe

    1. Rowena Post author

      I told only half the story…there was just so many people there that even NON-dog owners were coming to sit in the pooch zone. Some were getting pissed for the lack of dining space or for having to share tables (a lady at our table got mad that other people came to sit down). Animals on 2 feet. They behaved more territorial than the dogs themselves.



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