Happy Halloweiner!

10 miles north of Perugia in the region of Umbria

Imagine having to write THAT on the address line every time you had to fill out a form. The MotH says that he has always known the expression of casa del diavolo as a location way out in the boonies, but being way the hell out there or not, it still begs the question: how did this small town end up with such a godforsaken name? We chatted with a woman behind the counter at Bar Devil (I’m not kidding) and she offered a few explanations, one of them being that in the past there existed a house of ill repute where losers and lowlifes hung out. Maybe for this is where we get the idiom the devil makes work for idle hands.

We’re not big on celebrating Halloween but if the pumpkin price is right, there’ll always be a Jack-o’-lantern and the Dynamic Duo get costumes. This year I went frugal and repurposed pizza boxes from last week’s dinner. Not surprisingly, they didn’t mind too much that what got stuck onto their heads smelled like prosciutto and mozzarella.

Halloween Doggies 2015Count Doxula
Mister B blows a raspberry while the Mads does that zen thing again. Mr B looks much more believable with horns.

Dolcetto o scherzetto!


10 thoughts on “Happy Halloweiner!

  1. Nonna T

    Awww, how did you get them to stay still in costume? There is another town in Umbria called Bastardo. It too has a similar sounding history. I bought two tee shirts that has the italian road sign that signifies that you are leaving Bastardo 🙂 🙂 One was for my husband and the other for the husband of my best friend who traveled with us through Umbria a few years back.

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    1. Rowena Post author

      By now they’re so accustomed to the camera that they know something’s up when they see me coming after them. Camera means snack!

      And Bastardo! We spotted it on the map before Casa del Diavolo but it was off of our driving route. If I had known about the tshirts…!


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